• Agricultural Decarbonization Best Links  https://mhi-inc.com/when-you-need-superheated-steam/
    • Buildings Decarbonization https://mhi-inc.com/energy-savings-and-improved-uniformity-with-airtorch-energy-saving-tips/
    • Transportation Decarbonization https://mhi-inc.com/cascade-e-ion-devices-the-most-efficient-plasma-process-for-a-variety-of-applications-in-metals-ceramics-glass-and-plastics/
    • Industrial Decarbonization  Best links https://mhi-inc.com/electric-airtorch-process-gas-heaters/.
      • Sustainable Chemistry: Mitigation of Hazardous Chemicals in Manufacturing Processes
      • Enhanced Waste Heat Recovery through Highly Efficient Heat Exchangers.


Simplicity in manufacturing leads to energy and water savings.

Simplicity in MHI products  With case studies and energy-saving examples. Examples of Energy and Cost Savings with an Airtorch. Examples of Airtorch use (case studies) Examples of water and energy savings with the MightySteam Examples of MightySteam Applications

Electric Process Air and Process Gas/Fluid Heaters.  

Click Here for the main Airtorch® page.  Available models low kW to Megawatt models. Click here for Electric Process Air and Process Gas/Fluid Heaters applications. Click here to go to the decarbonization project analysis page. Click above for examples of saving megatons of CO2 with the Airtorch®.   Compact Very high turndown ratios Ultra-low pressure […]