Clean – Decarbonize

Simplicity in manufacturing leads to energy and water savings.

Simplicity in MHI products  With case studies and energy-saving examples. Examples of Energy and Cost Savings with an Airtorch. Examples of Airtorch use (case studies) Examples of water and energy savings with the MightySteam Examples of MightySteam Applications

Aluminum melting with high energy efficiency.

Aluminum melting with high energy efficiency. Aluminum melting furnace enhancement for Low Dross Did you know that electric heaters like the Airtorch and Plasma Airtorch can be used for the most efficient heating with zero carbon emission?  No Nox, either.  This is zero-carbon technology.

Electric Process Air and Process Gas/Fluid Heaters.  

Click Here for the main Airtorch® page.  Available models low kW to Megawatt models. Click here for Electric Process Air and Process Gas/Fluid Heaters applications. Click here to go to the decarbonization project analysis page. Click above for examples of saving megatons of CO2 with the Airtorch®.   Compact Very high turndown ratios Ultra-low pressure […]

Glass Bending. Optical Data Transfer

Impart rapid water repellance. Glass bending, smoothening, shaping. Case studies for optical data transfer glass. Better user experience because of smoothness and water resistance.

GoldenBlue® Case Studies for Machining.

A new method for treating tool bit surfaces that makes an HSS tool bit perform better than a CVD-coated bit. Less machine chatter and reduced galling enhance life and create a smoother cut, which is always a good outcome. Quasi-R® and GoldenBlue® treatments reduce friction, improve machining outcomes, and reduce energy waste. Users report over […]

Stick Resistant Steel Surfaces

Deep dishes, pans and woks can be made GoldenBlue®. Even cast iron surfaces can be fully made nonstick (without seasoning). The treatment can be used for corrosion prone pipes as corrosion is seemingly vastly reduced. What is the simplest test one can perform to ascertain Non-Stick properties of a surface? Please scroll to the bottom of the […]

Save Energy with Cascade e-Ion Anti Seize Treatment. Automobiles. Bearings and Other Friction Components.

High-Temperature Anti-Seize Bearings, Bolts, and Bushings Anti Seize Treatment against Galling, Corrosion and Wear Temperature Range: Liquid Nitrogen to 3000F? Did you know that 30-60EJ of energy can be saved by reducing friction from 0.25 to 0.1 with the EION? Contact MHI Metallic anti-seize GoldenBlue® provides superior protection against galling, corrosion, heat freeze, rust, and seizing […]

Simplicity and energy innovation for industrial-scale thermal products. Process-gas, Furnaces, Steam Generators, Plasma plumes, Micro-heaters, Heating-elements, and Hot-plate products.