Simplicity in manufacturing leads to energy and water savings.

Simplicity in MHI products  With case studies and energy-saving examples. Examples of Energy and Cost Savings with an Airtorch. Examples of Airtorch use (case studies) Examples of water and energy savings with the MightySteam Examples of MightySteam Applications

GoldenBlue® Case Studies for Machining.

A new method for treating tool bit surfaces that makes an HSS tool bit perform better than a CVD-coated bit. Less machine chatter and reduced galling enhance life and create a smoother cut, which is always a good outcome. Quasi-R® and GoldenBlue® treatments reduce friction, improve machining outcomes, and reduce energy waste. Users report over […]

Simplicity and energy innovation for industrial-scale thermal products. Process-gas, Furnaces, Steam Generators, Plasma plumes, Micro-heaters, Heating-elements, and Hot-plate products.