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Finally Dust Shedding (Anti Dust) Surfaces

Contact MHI  for more information.   MHI can modify the texture of your coupons (metallic materials)  for your tests.   Coupons will be made Quasi-R® to enable dust shedding and/ or antimicrobial as per MHI proprietary nano-technologies.   Contact MHI  for more information.   Quasi-R® is a registered Trademark by MHI.  

GoldenBlue® Case Studies for Machining.

Easy multi color tool-bit reconditioning with the cascade e-ion family of machines. Less machine chatter, reduced galling, enhanced life and a smoother cut is always a good outcome. Users report over a 40% reduction in the coefficient of friction.

Reconditioning of Spent Abrasive Wheels. Case Study.

Many abrasive wheels can be reconditioned by exposure to the clean plume. Please ask for a case study or send us your wheel for free reconditioning trial. Hardfacing is feasible for small to very large surfaces that are used for boring and grinding.  Please contact MHI  for feasibility assessment.

Stick-Resistant Cast-Iron

Cooking with cast iron: Cast iron cooking surfaces (pans, griddles, grills) are wonderful to cook on – however traditional cast iron surfaces do not offer non-stick properties for cooking. Older traditional cast irons require to be periodically seasoned (with oil) prior to cooking – for rust prevention.  Experience a modern cast iron. Use the GoldenBlue […]

Stick Resistant Steel Surfaces

Deep dishes, pans and woks can be made GoldenBlue®. Even cast iron surfaces can be fully made nonstick (without seasoning). The treatment can be used for corrosion prone pipes as corrosion is seemingly vastly reduced. What is the simplest test one can perform to ascertain Non-Stick properties of a surface? Please scroll to the bottom of the […]

Save Energy with Cascade e-Ion Anti Seize Treatment. Automobiles. Bearings and Other Friction Components.

High Temperature Anti-Seize Bearings, Bolts and Bushings Anti Seize Treatment against Galling, Corrosion and Wear Temperature Range: Liquid Nitrogen to 3000F? Metallic anti-seize GoldenBlue® provides superior protection against galling, corrosion, heat freeze, rust and seizing on many types of metal surfaces. Use in oxidative conditions as well as reducing conditions. Smooth, hard and high lubricity.

Protect Magnets

High Temperature Anti-Seize Bearings, Bolts and Bushings Anti Seize Treatment against Galling, Corrosion and Wear Temperature Range: Liquid Nitrogen to 3000F? Build Corrosion protection layer on Ferritic, Titanium and Zirconium Alloys. Considerably reduce acqueous corrosion at a range of pH for NdFeB magnets, Samarium Cobalt and other rare earth magnets. When Cascade e-ion beam is […]


  January 17, 2021 Did you know there are key differences between ancient furnaces and modern furnaces? Two major differences. Modern furnaces are electrically heated (no combustion) – so they reach high temperatures exceeding 1700°C (3092°F). Electric heating allows for process control, improved process productivity and therefore much higher efficiencies. The second is the roof […]