Electric Process Air and Process Gas/Fluid Heaters.  

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Available models low kW to Megawatt models.

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Decarbonized Multi Door Control Panels and MW Airtorch with Vert

Megawatt Industrial Electrical Heating Systems

  • Compact
  • Very high turndown ratios
  • Ultra-low pressure drop 
  • High temperature and high-efficiency 
  • No preheating required
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  • Unlike combustion-powered devices, the MHI Electric Airtorch® does not produce any greenhouse gases (like CO2, Methane, or NOx). 
  • When converting from combustion heaters to electric heaters, over 30% comparative energy efficiency is typically expected.  MHI Airtorch® models offer patented, ultra-low pressure drop flows that enhance comparative efficiencies and reduce product distortion.
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