Superheated Steam/Gas Premix Generator

High Specific Humidity Device

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Air Steam Mixture enerator

Air Steam Mixture Generator


Custom Configuration, Water pump included.

Air-steam mix from 300°C to 900°C.

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HGA-M-01 Superheated Steam Generator 1kW


Air steam mix from 300°C to 900°C.

See the settings below for temperature and steam amount.

Water pump included.

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Supersaturated steam with over 50% specific humidity is possible with the HGA-M.

Model Output Power Voltage
HGA-M-01 Superheated Steam/Air or Gas Mixture. High Humidity Device. 1KW 110V 50/60Hz

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HGA-M-04 Superheated Steam/Air or Gas Mixture. High Humidity Device. 4KW 208-240V 50/60hz

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Typical Settings for 1 KW unit HGA-M-01

MHI provides detailed manuals for every sale. The flow guide is provided in the instructions. The following tables are for a particular pump – pumps are subject to change, and the user should calibrate their pump readings for the flow rate for the water ratio to the flow rate of air set by the flow meter.

Steam Calculator, Productivity Enhancement and FAQs |Physical Properties of Moist Air/Gas | What are Steam and Humidity?

Typical Humidity Settings for the 1 KW Device HGA-M-01

Pump Setting #
Approximate HGA-M-01 Steam/Air Exit Temperature, °C
Typical range only highest
Highest Specific Humidity Allowed
(typical only)
4 621-627 call
5 577-583 call
6 534-548 call
7 452-464 0.14
8 132-162 0.17
9 121-158 0.33
9.9 98-110 0.62

Depending on use, condensation could occur at high flow settings (steam separator). Note that the specific humidity is not the same as relative humidity (please see articles for definitions for a review of humidity terminology). For Pure Steam, Models, click here.


HGA2 with stand
Model HGA-M-01 Superheated Steam Generator with stand.Steam gas integrator.

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Peristaltic pumps discussed are only typical. The exact model will be provided with the quotation.

Setting numbers above depend on the model supplied.

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Article on HGA output for steam and superheated steam.

Use for additive manufacturing
Read an article on “Drying with steam or drying with air – a case study for clay, wood, food processing, etc”.

Patents granted and pending

Water saturation pressure at a temperature

(This chart is useful for comfort heating) (assumption is that the total pressure is 1 atmospheric pressure)

Does the saturation pressure of H2O in the air depend on the total pressure?  Yes.

Temperature, °C Bar Psi
2 0.007 0.1024
4 0.008 0.1180
10 0.012 0.1781
14 0.016 0.2319
20 0.023 0.3393
25 0.031 0.4598
30 0.042 0.616
34 0.053 0.7723
40 0.073 1.0711
50 0.12 1.7915
60 0.20 2.8929
70 0.31 4.5253
80 0.47 6.8768
90 0.693 10.179
96 0.87 12.730
100 1.00 14.710