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HGA-S-01 Superheated Steam Generator

HGA-S-01 Superheated Steam Generator
HGA-S-01 Superheated Steam Generator HGA-S-01 Superheated Steam Generator HGA-S-01 Superheated Steam Generator HGA-S-01 Superheated Steam Generator HGA-S-01 Superheated Steam Generator
Brand: Micropyretics Heaters International
Product Code: HGA-S-01
Price: $6,995.00 $6,450.00

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HGA-S-01 Add-On Superheater for 600C (Control Panel Purchase Required):

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  • Steam temperatures up to 400°C (optional supercharger for 600C output - please read below  for all requirements)
  • Includes: Matched variable speed pump (peristaltic universal).  Pump is 120/220V/AC  Switchable. With Flow Rate Display on O-Pump1
  • 1 atmosphere pressure standard
  • 1Kg/hr Flow Rate (HGA-S-01) 
  • Plug-and-play system
  • Vittori Flexible Tube (Optional).  Provides a flexible connection from generator to process chamber.
  • 120V  AC outlet compatible (US 3 prong plug) 
  • 2 Integrated Process and Monitoring thermocouples 
  • Light-weight, easy to move, easy to mount chassis
  • Boilerfree™ technology.  Several Patents.
  • Standard distilled or RO water recommended
  • Output may be attached to the optional electric steam supercharger (please contact sales@mhi-inc.com for details).
  • A appropriate HGA-S-01 supercharger to increase otput temperature to 600°C  is available as an optional add-on. An IBPAN or BPAN-O-PLUS purchase is required to operate the unit.
    ​Control thermocouples are used for the control of the  the the combined  HGA-S-01 + Supercharger  and for normal OTC functions. The supercharger can only be purchased when a HGA-S-01 and control solution is purchased.  Cannot be added on later.
  • The BPE and Vittori tubes may also be added to the optional supercharger output configuration when the supercharger is purchased and deployed in the same manner as the HGA-S-01 unit without the Supercharger.
  • Note: 220/240V AC customers will require a step-down power converter rated for at least 1.5 kW.
  • Please view price details in the option pull down menu's. 

​How to choose the power and temperature control panel option.  Please consider one of the following options and enable in the pull down menu above.

  1. Choose the IBPAN or BPAN option and an additional TC-Read. The BPAN provides a softer start over the IBPAN.  Both the BPAN and IBPAN have a process thermocouple for exit steam temperature control. The TC-Read can be used for over temperarature monitor or,
  2. Choose the BPAN-O-PLUS which has a process and an over temperature controller built in.  With the supercharger the BPAN-O-Plus is recommended. The use of TC-Read is also recommended for reading the temperature at the steam impinginement point.


The HGA-S-01 is a product that is in use in several countries strectching across the world in both hemispheres.  It sees uses in many applications.


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