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MTA925-04 Sealed Process Heater

MTA925-04 Sealed Process Heater
MTA925-04 Sealed Process Heater MTA925-04 Sealed Process Heater MTA925-04 Sealed Process Heater MTA925-04 Sealed Process Heater MTA925-04 Sealed Process Heater
Brand: Micropyretics Heaters International
Product Code: MTA925-04
Price: $4,895.00

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MHI MTA Process Air/Gas Heater (4kW) (Bundled price of optional IBPAN is offered with this product).  When selecting flow meter please indicate Air or Nitrogen in the remarks column.

  • Continuous Hot Air Discharge up to 925°C (Nominal) for Air.  Nitrogen is 872°C.  
  • 4 kW Total Power (Nominal @ 240V)
  • Stainless Steel Shell Construction
  • Built-In "K" Type Process Thermocouple
  • 240V Plug-In Design
  • Ready to Use
  • Threaded exit nozzle 2" NPT Male
  • Full Power and Flow Controller Options Available
  • Independent Power and Flow Control Available (optional).  
  • BPAN-O-PLUS models have a temperature and overtemperature control
  • BPAN-O and IBPAN have a singe process temperature controller
  • For MTA models when the inlet flow is pressure driven, the flow rate is often pre-set by an appropriate SCFM flow meter. 
  • Minimum flow rate should be maintained.  MHI BPAN-O-PLUS-220 power controllers can be used to set power.
Model: MHI Model# MTA925-04
Temperature: 925°C Maximum Continuous (Minimum airflow to be maintained). Temperature measured by internal TC before nozzle exit. Exit temperatures highly dependent on application and use conditions.
Thermocouple: Built-in K-type thermocouple. Can be linked for external display (TC-READ) or full control (BPAN-O-2016 Control Panel).
Element Installation: Factory installed. Heating elements can only be serviced at MHI approved location, where applicable. Please contact your MHI sales representative for service program and details.
Wiring Requirements: 240 Volt, single phase @ 50/60Hz, 18 Amp Max current. May be used with 220V input.
Power Consumption: 4 kW (Nominal @ 240V). Slightly lower power and temperature for 220V.
Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Air Source: Via compressed air source or compressed gas source (e.g. Nitrogen / Argon). Approximately ~11 sCFM is the minimum airflow (compressed air) required when operating the device at full power to achieve maximum temperatures. Compressed air source not included and is within the user’s scope. Please contact MHI for assistance.
Inlet: 1/2" NPT Male
Outlet: 2” NPT Male
Display: Not included. Built-in thermocouple can be linked for external display on TCREAD basic display. Optional: 3 ½ LCD display switchable between °C and °F


Power Control:  Optional: MHI BPAN-O-2016™ or BPAN-O-PLUS-220 Control Panel. Single Phase Controller. Includes on-off switch, thermocouple readout and PID controller. Advanced phase angle fired SCR with soft start and current limiting features integrated for device protection and control. BPAN -O-PLUS-220 has am over temperature controller.

Flow Control:   Optional: FLM flow meter for basic flow control of pressure flow.  Setting range suitable for 4kW.  Please indicate Air or Nitrogen in the remarks column.  SCFM readings.

**Fans are employed when the drop in pressure of the system is no greater than approximately 50 in. w.c.  This condition remains true even when the fan can output large CFM values.  Blowers are considered in circumstances where larger pressure drops are present.

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