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Exergy has to do with work potential or the quality of the energy vis.a vis. convertibility for work. A work potential (is measured from a reference state) and is available from difference in a temperature, difference in a pressure, chemical processes, electromagnetic or strong-force potentia,l and many boundary energy storage mechanisms.  The most efficient work is possible when there is no new entropy generation during the process.

The higher the temperature difference, the better the efficiency and exergy of a process.  One can have more exergy from a higher enthalpy phase during a transformation where the enthalpy is released e.g. at the melting point there is more exergy in the liquid than the solid at the same temperature. 

MHI products reach very high temperatures in air and thus provide some of the highest source temperatures in an extremely versatile fashion. The higher temperatures possible with MHI products (heating elements, advanced materials, furnaces, steam units, Airtorches,Plasma) give possibilities of high efficiencies and high exergies. MHI also offers sub-assemblies in the form of heating elements, coils and Airtorch devices

Manufacturing and and process productivity are greatly improved with high temperature availability (SmartPower from High Temperature). Link

Energy is always conserved, wheras exergy (a measure of the potential of that energy) is not.  The same amount of energy at 1900°C has more potential than when the energy is available at a lower temperature. The quality of energy as important as the quantity for determining what the energy can do for you.  MHI specializes in high quality energy.  MHI products may be used for conversion of low quality energy to high quality energy. To find out how, please contact MHI.

If you are looking for high energy efficiency and plant productivity please do find out more about the unique MHI products GAXP™heating element, Microheaters, Robust Radiators, Steam units, HotTops™, Airtorch and e-Ion Plasma™ Device Family.  

Please contact MHI 513-772-0404 in order to enable us to offer the best system for your application.  MHI is a leader in smartpower with advanced materials and thermal systems.



Powerful CleanElectricFlame®

On Demand Steam

Temperatures up to 1200°C Temperatures up to 1800°C Temperatures up to 1900°C Temperatures up to 1900°C
Cascade e-Ion
Cascade e-Ion

One Atmosphere Boiler - Superheated Steam Generator

OAB Superheated Steam Generator

MTA925-12 12kW Process Heater
MTA925 (925°C

Horizontal Tube Furnaces
Horizontal Tube Furnace

GUHE-3-SS FiberHeater Microheater
GUHE-3-SS 1900°C FiberHeater
MoSi2 Heating Elements
Molybdenum DiSilicide and GAXP®
Rapid Versatile Clean Heat High Enthalpy Steam Generator up to 1300°C Convective Energy Thermal Energy/Uniformity Radiative Energy Thermal Power Delivery
Cascade e-Ion
Plasma Improves Surface Functionalization
HGA-M Steam Generator
HGA-M Models
Airtorch Process Heater
Airtorch™ Gas Heaters
Robust Radiator
Robust Radiator™

Thermoplate High Temperature Hot Plate


NoAge Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
NoAge™ Enhanced Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
Heat where needed. BendHeat™ High Throughput On Demand Integrated Thermocouples Easy Integration High Performance, BendHeat™ Devices Class Leading Longevity

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