MHI Patented Continuous Steam Superheated Steam Generators

From 1 Kg/hr to over 1 ton/hr from 120°C to 1300°C

Variable rate, variable temperature, and variable back pressure.

Save Water and Save Energy—clean, High, Quality Steam.


Why use high-temperature superheated steam?  

This type of steam is used in applications requiring a critical need to reduce the processing time. Superheated steam offers a high heat transfer coefficient and a very high enthalpy content, thus enabling many unique uses. Such steam is often considered a non-toxic antimicrobial agent when at a high temperature, significantly above the inversion temperature. Superheated vapor at high temperatures also offers superior reactions, for example, in energy reactions such as bio-fuels, reforming, hydrogen production, ammonia production, and denaturing, all with rapid heat transfer kinetics. There is no moisture from the start-up. The steam-wicking properties and oxygen control are attractive. High-temperature steam leads to high-productivity applications.

Steam Rate Flow Control: Discrete and Continuous Modes Are Available

Features of MHI Superheated Steam
Highest Temperature
Ultra Energy Efficient/ Clean Energy
Install Steam Easily
High Safety
No Moisture from start-up
Fully Controlled
Well Priced,  Light Weight, Easy to Install 


Click Here for Class OAB (4-12 kg/hr steam)

(1 kg/hr steam)  400°C Model1300°C Model
Click Here for Class M (High Humidity)
Superchargers for existing boilers
Continuous Steam Tunnel
No-Boiler or similar certifications

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The OAB® and GHGA™ steam generator systems will change how you think of superheated steam regarding installation, safety, size, fuel production,  and operational costs. 
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OAB Steam Generator

The picture above is for a 180 Kg/hr., Steam Generator

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Pictorial Synopsis of MHI Steam Generation Systems
OAB® Single Phase

Pure Steam, Rapid Start-up, No moisture.

Pure Steam Generator

HGA-S-CX-1300 Systems

Pure Steam 1 Kg/hr up to 1300°C

1300C steam

HGA-M High Specific Humidity Device


Steam Air Mixer. High Specific Humidity at High Temperatures.

HGA-S and HGA-S-P Models.


Power Steam Jet

MightySteam Link

Discover Steam Tunnels

for Continuous use

Steam Chamber Continuous