Decarbonization Equipment and Costing Overview

MHI systems adjust to optimize the energy required by drawing only the necessary power. An underpowered system will struggle to get to the temperature.

MHI Product Overview

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Helpful Constants

A global leader in smart power industrial device technologies. Meeting the global grand-challenges for our customers

A global leader in smart power industrial device technologies.  Meeting the grand global challenges for our customers.

Energy Conversion kJ mol-1 kcal mol-1 eV cm-1
kJ mol-1 1 0.23901 1.0364×10-2 83.59
kcal mol-1 4.184 1 4.3363×10-2 349.75
eV 96.485 23.061 1 8065.5
cm-1 1.1963×10-2 2.8591×10-3 1.2398×10-4 1

wavenumber wavelength and frequency chart

wavenumber wavelength and frequency chart



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Universal Constant Units and Value
h (Planck’s constant) 6.626075 *10-34 J s
kB (Boltzman’s constant) 1.38065 *10-23 J K-1
NA (Avogadro’s number) 6.022136 *1023 mol-1
c (speed of light) 2.9979245 *108 m s-1
ao (Bohr radius) 5.2917724 *10-11 m
e (charge of an electron) 1.6021773 *10-19 Coulomb